Monday, March 17, 2014

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival - Day 1

Having moved to Melbourne I was sure I would run into some celebrity soon enough. Little had come about my constant star gazing and I was beginning to wonder what I was doing wrong, this was until tonight! I attended the sidewalk show at the Virgin Australia Melboume fashion Festival (meaning I stood on the sidewalk and snapped the best-of-the-best).

As a first timer I came along not knowing what to expect. But I was so excited to actually experience one of these things in the flesh and not from the darkness of my bedroom.

The moment I got to Central Pier at the Docklands I walked straight into Nicole Warne's (Garry Pepper) periphery. she looked like a doll in Michael Lo Sordo.

Second came Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three. And thirdly, the one and only, Kate Miller-Heidke. She was really softy spoken and it was such a gracious honour to meet her. (we partook in a selfie)

All-in-all it was exciting, exhilarating and exhausting and I wish I had a better camera but you'll be sure to see more from me later.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Birkenstock 2.0

I'm a clear advocate for the Birkenstock. Yes we're on this again... 

As soon as I landed on Melbourne soil I saw the humble Birkenstock everywhere and said to myself I have to get me a pair. I was never a big fan of them. Growing up in hippy state I was well accustomed to their leather sling back and cork under-sole but they were never appealing to me. I pin it down to the people wearing them. I couldn't take fashion advice from a potato sack wearing, dreadlocks bearing hick. 

So anyway, here we are again. In the proverbial washing machine which is fashion. I walked into a mens shoe store yesterday in Melbourne called Sneaker Boy (amazing shoes). I was greeted by the Givenchy floral sandal you see in the front of the top loader below. I could hardly believe I hadn't seen such beauty before but also that they bared a striking resemblance to the Birkenstocks I had purchased not only three weeks ago. It was/is obvious Tisci isn't trying to hide the uncanny nature of the prestigious foot ware; they're a mirrored image of one another. However, it's they're lux quality which stands them apart. 

Of course they're made of the finest leathers and silvers but for that price and cheekiness (on Tisci's behalf) I'm happy sticking with the origy didge (original...) Birkenstock.

Collage by me

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fashion House Hand Ball

Hey guys! I now this post is way long overdue and it isn't even funny or a tad bit humorous. I am so very sorry. I have been between states without a steady internet stream for a bit now.
But needless to say I am now a proud, law abiding citizen of Melbourne, Victoria and am looking forward to the exciting adventures which may come my way. I have only been here for about four weeks and already the creative juices are flowing. Everywhere I look there is culture and inspiration; People are so fruitful and vibrant. It's a great change from the dull and un-inspring state of Tasmania. I won't will miss you old gall...

I guess this post was just to keep you all in the loop as to my whereabouts

However, whilst I have you here, I did want to bring your attention to something fashion-worthy which I have noticed from the collections circulating the globe as of late; look book photography and their stance on taking a more ambiguous Givenchy feel...

Image one, sourced from, as you will no doubt know is from the recent Alexander Wang '14 collection. And...

... Image duo, sourced from Tumblr, is of the Marc by Marc Jacobs '14 collection. 

I don't know what I'm trying to say or connect here but I wonder whether there is a touch of fashion-house-hand-ball (or pilfering) as the collection's RTW look books are really honing in on my hunger for rediculiously-well-dressed-men-in-dubious-locations which I only ever got from Givenchy.

More from Melbourne soon! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vogue's Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs in hats. Could you imagine anything funnier? 

Well has something fun in store for you.

Velociraptor's in bloody hats. And fancy hats at that!!!

Just go to and enter on the keyboard: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, and then repeatedly tap A for a lot of dinosaurs.

It's unknown whether this is a vogue stunt or the work of a very bored hacker but one think's for sure those dinosaurs truly do look damn fine!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

On Birkenstocks

You've probably already scrambled for the Birkenstock website and already purchased a pair in the hopes of looking like, or closely resembling our favourite roll model, Miley, minus the bejazzle. But my big scheme and bright idea was to substitute the soft mink sandal put out by CĂ©line (Seen below)

for something a little more inexpensive and a lot less precious. The aforementioned Birkenstock!

I chose the Arizona in smooth leather.

*Almost identical and a fraction of the price!

... And surely anything with the word Birk[i]n in it has to be a god send, no?