Wednesday, October 2, 2013

KK's BB North West's Designer Wardrobe


North West got Bambi (in the Givenchy variety) so I want Bambi

From friend and... muse permitter (presuming KK is Tisci's muse) Tisci sent KK's new BB, NW, a custom Givenchy tee embellished and clad in the latest collection's Bambi motif. 

Here is what NW will look like sporting the tee...

Maybe a tad bit scary? I can see a smidgen on Rob Kardashian in there.


  1. You do understand that North is a girl, right?? So, why does she look like a he-she in the aforementioned terribly shopped photo?? If you're going to make a funny, at least make it legit funny.

    Also, it should be "a smidgen *of Rob Kardashian" etc etc. *le sigh* ...NEXT!!

    1. Hello dear reader. Yes, I know North West is a girl! I have eyes. She looks like a he-she because I simply Shopped her face onto the Givenchy mens look book picture so I could get the image I desired. No fancy work here. Thank you for your suggestions.